Child-As brand ambassador

Brand ambassador’  as we know all of us familiar with this word , it basically use for whom whose activity affect others image.

what would you like to say about those modern society parents whose image and status in society just depends upon the success and failure of there child.  i am seeing that some parents in our society introduce their child as a brand ambassador of his status and respect in society,I am surprised to know, that some parents do this even there child are so young even they’re not capable to think about bad and good about him self.i want say only one thinga’Let them grow one day you feel proud on them’.

This society will always say something bad or good about them , but you are parents you should stand with there child not Agnes them.

Beautiful relation

Relation’ I think it is one of the most beautiful gift given by good, in fact humanity is still alive in this world just because of relationship between humans. relations remind us our responsibility twords society and twords humanity also. Irrespective of any doubt I know that you have heard several type of relation, but what would you like say about that relation in which we met a person for a short time whom you never met before. It’s too difficult for me to give a name that type of relation and I am also confused that what I will say when people asked me the name of relation between me and that strange person.what!! I used word ‘stranger’,it means I call her stranger.

Oooh my God I think I got the name of relation,”STRANGE” relation.

I think it is right.

Do you know the beauty of this relationship, there is no expectation in this relation, both of us help to each other during hole journey but don’t expect anything to each other.

I am writing these things because I am traveling gain jhansi to my home and all the environment remind me that story.

Nature always helps you

Do you ever think about nature. yes I am talking about nature which is present every where, which provides all the necessary things to live life.

But I think it’s do something more for us ,more than our thinking!  Yes more than our thinking.

When you move a single step towards any path then nature provide all the necessary things which helps you to keep moving on that path, doesn’t matter it is right or wrong.

When you move towards right path then nature create a surrounding for you which helps you keep moving at the same track,and if you change your track during the journey then nature will also change surrounding to help you.

It’s amazing to feel it , and it’s give you a lot of experience to live life.

Humanity and science-1

Science is the base of opportunity,and every human of this planet want build a house at this base (Base of science).I am not talking about building and flat which is made by the human of this modern age,I am talking about the house of the dreams. I think ‘Science’ is not only just a word, it’s a culture.i am not pointing towards history or towards this modern and developed age.i am thinking about the ‘culture of future’, where humanity will live deep in to the heart of every human. ‘HUMANITY’ I think it is a new and familiar word for the human of this age, and i don’t know it’s my weakness or strong part of my life but i love to think and talk about such type of words.i think these are not just words which can define in few lines or in few sentences. Humanity struggling since thousand of year to get their destination, and I am disappointed to telling you that till now humanity didn’t got their destination , some human give him right (little right) address and some tell them totally wrong address of their destination. through some definition humanity get some new dimensions but some give them new wound on his body, which trembling him till now .Oh I think I was talking about science.


As we know that thinking is a process of our mind and our mind concentrate on those things which is happening around us.if we want improve our thinking than I think we should try to improve our environment and society.what  we seen?, what we do?, and what we hear ,it completely effect our process of thinking,and the process of thinking decided our nature, our behavior and our attitude.what will we be in our future and what we well achieve.